Why is it important for me?

Interviews with U-Impact partners at the Sofia Conference, April 2015

“Without citizen participation we have laws that are completely unrelated to social reality.”

Aida Barquero, Fundación Ciudadanía

“Including citizens is difficult on the local level, but even more so on an European level.”

Andrei Liimets, Open Estonia Foundation

“Europe is big, we need a local approach.”

Blerina Guga, Partners Albania

“Things that may seem obvious to us are not obvious to everybody.”

Elisabeta Dinu, National Association of Citizen Advice Bureaux, Romania

“Citizen voices may be heard, but that doesn’t mean that action is being taken, so we need to push more.”

Renesa Islam, Cittadinanzattiva Onlus, Italy

“If people are aware of our work, they will join us!”

Savvas Charalambous, NGO Support Centre, Cyprus

“I believe in an EU Where Citizens Are Connected to Decision Makers”

Marta Pont, ECAS, Brussels


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