Citizen Response to the Refugee Crisis and the Threats to Freedom of Movement

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Freedom of Movement, Refugee crisis

Active Citizens for Common European Solutions (ACCES) Initiative Launched

In the heat of the refugee crisis U-Impact launches a citizen initiative on the freedom of movement and refugee dilemma facing European citizens and EU leaders. The focus is on active civil society involvement in the political debates about the refugees, about European solidarity and about the basic freedom of movement. The U-Impact initiative aims at getting citizens from the EU, the candidate countries and the European Neighborhood actively involved in the current debate about freedom of movement and solidarity in Europe. The ACCES initiative was announced at the Bucharest debate on Schengen and the refugee crisis on September 18.

Deeply concerned by the way in which the current migration crisis is dealt with, the U-impact partners have drafted a letter which will be sent out to the MEPs in the relevant committees and to other important decision-makers and stakeholders at EU level, where we call for an active engagement of EU institutions with citizens and civil society organizations in both the EU and the accession and Neighborhood countries in the discussions and initiatives undertaken to address this issue. If you are interested in this initiative you may support it, either as a citizen or as a civil society organization, in  two complementary ways: either by sending us your statement of support through the online form provided  or by individually signing this letter and send it to your national MEPs. If you choose to sign the letter and send it individually to your MEPs, kindly inform us about the recipient for our dissemination records.We invite you also to follow us on the social media @UImpactNet for updates on the progress of this initiative!

Want to join the initiative? Here’s the Letter to MEP’s we are writing, please join us by filling out the form below.



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