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The project “From Citizen Involvement to Policy Impact” (U-Impact) coordinates citizen involvement with the public authorities on national and European level in eight EU member states and one candidate state in order to develop a mechanism for increased impact of citizen initiatives on the policy making process in the EU. The project specifically targets the European Parliament elected in 2014 and aims at increasing the citizen participation in the policy making process of EP in line with its increased power and competences in the Union. U-Impact consist of a series of policy initiatives developed by citizens across borders in the 9 participating countries with the aim of improving important everyday aspects of their lives as European citizens and directly targets policy impact on European and national level. The aims of the project include:

  • improving citizen’s understanding of the new power structure of the Union and the new role of Parliament as well as the opportunities to interact and impact its decision making process;
  • help create a sustainable platform for increased pan-European citizen participation;
  • offer concrete solutions to specific European citizen problems and have them debated with European and national policy makers;
  • create an inclusive long lasting network for policy debate and impact involving citizens across borders building on their cultural diversity and promoting the development of a common European public space;

U-Impact builds on the positive experience of the partners in the implementation of the project “Joint Citizen Action for a Stronger, Citizen-Friendly Union” (JoiEU) under which participants have debated and developed policy recommendations in several areas related to European citizenship; U-Impact fosters a meaningful debate with policy-makers, including the European Parliament and helps create mechanisms for turning citizen involvement into effective citizen impact on EU policy.


This project is implemented by a group of partners led by ProInfo Logo