Citizen Participation: Initiatives and Opportunities – Debate in Cyprus

On November 6,2015 U-Impact partner in Cyprus NGO Support Centre carried out a debate on the effectiveness of civil society engagement in the EU. The debate was attended by more than 50 representatives of local organizations, students and local officials featured two panel discussions through which it explored the relationship between Civil Society and the EU.

Watch the debate RELIVE here:

On the first panel with the participation of Mr Markopouliotis, Head of the EC Representation in Cyprus, Mr Mavrides, MEP of the S&D, and Dr Christou the discussion focused on the institutional framework of the Union concerning Civil Society’s participation in the decision making process. Namely, the speakers talked about the consultations between the European Commission and Civil society organizations, the role of the European Parliament and the European Citizens’ Initiative.

Subsequently, in the second part of the debate with the aid of Mr Gavrielides, President of Accept-LGBT Cyprus, Ms Pavlou, President of Cyprus Women’s Lobby, and Mr Kiliaris, Representative of Invest in Education-Cyprus, this relationship was discussed in practical terms. The speakers talked about their work to promote change in Cyprus employing the tools and means afforded to them by the EU, their participation in European Networks pushing for change of policy at the EU level and their experience and suggestions for the European Citizens’ Initiative.

In each section of the debate the attendees had the chance to pose questions to the speakers and present their views and experiences contributing to a very lively and engaging discussion.

The international part the event, included also a discussion with the U-Impact partners from Spain and Italy, Aida Basquero and Mariano Votta, who presented the work and experiences of their organizations in the field as well as related projects they have worked in.

More documents and the policy documents discussed coming up soon!

See the event’s agenda below.

Civil Society & the EU- Agenda